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The Intersection is the AALHE’s quarterly publication. It features events and news within the Organization and short articles and interviews on the practice of assessment in higher education.

Call for Proposals for Spring Edition of the Intersection

AALHE invites you to submit papers for its quarterly publication, Intersection. The theme for the Spring 2017 Edition will be By Faculty, for Faculty: Discipline-Specific Assessment. 

The goal of this issue is to provide faculty with specific examples of program-level assessment that have produced meaningful data for their respective departments. Articles must be authored or co-authored by faculty.

The due date for submission is March 1, 2017. All inquiries and submissions should be sent to Josie Welsh at

Intersection Submission Guidelines
*       The Intersection generally publishes articles between 700-2100 words.
*       Articles are of general interest to assessment professionals. Editions of the Intersection may focus on specific areas of interest, which will be articulated in the Call for Papers.
*       The emphasis is on readability over technical details, although the use of statistics is not discouraged.
*       APA style should be used for citations.




Winter 2017

  • President’s Letter by Catherine Wehlburg
  • Note from The Editor by Jane Marie Souza
  • Calibration: Are you seeing what I’m seeing? by Erin A. Crisp
  • Using the Inquiry Process to Promote Faculty Engagement in Assessment by Elizabeth E. Smith
  • Faculty Perspectives on Assessment by Lee Ann Smith
  • Talking Ourselves into It: Faculty Perspectives of Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Assessment, Learning, and Equity by Lillian E. Marrujo-Duck
  • How Faculty Experience with Assessment Relates to Views,
  • Values, and Practice by Matthew Gulliford, Lauren O’Brien, Michelle Curtis, and Courtney
  • Peagler
  • Faculty Engagement in Accreditation by Andrew B. Wolf
  • Interview Questions with Dr. Pat O'Brien by Debra Leahy

Fall 2016

  • Assessment Measures by Catherine Wehlburg and David Eubanks
  • Program-Level Assessment of the Physics Major by Peter P. Ohotnicky
  • What Influences Faculty to Assign Writing? by Shelly Stovall, Lindsay M. Ruckel, David Trafimow, and Yogesh J. Raut
  • Minimally Invasive Assessment by Jim Woehrle, David Kammler, and Hannah Spirrison
  • Reflective Writing and the Research Process by Larissa Gordon
  • Q&A with Mary Ellen Petrisko by Monica Stitt-Bergh
Summer 2016
  • President’s Letter
  • It Takes a Campus by Jodie B. Ullman and Andrew R. Bodman
  • Utilizing Technology in Data Collection by Derek C. Sauder, Kelly J. Foelber, Jessica N. Jacovidis, Dena A. Pastor
  • Transparency through Real-Time Data by Stacy L. Sculthorp, Laurie Hinze, and Karen M. Mattison
  • Exit Surveys for Course Improvement by Benjamin M. Drury
  • Assessment, a Mouse, and a Cookie by Nicole Lesher
  • Negotiating Flexibility and Structure by Laura Ariovich, Zornitsa Georgieva, and Sadé A. Walker
  • Q&A with Barbara Johnson by Josie Welsh
Spring 2016
  • Practical Assessment
  • Announcing AALHE/Taskstream Partnership
  • Faculty Learning Communities by Jeanne Mullaney
  • Reporting Realities by Gray Scott
  • Not My Bunnies and Not My Hat by Hazard, Jacovidis, Clarke & Horst
  • The Assessment Diaries by Lisa Wiehle
  • Member Q&A
Winter 2016
  • From the Editor
  • Librarians and High-Impact Educational Practices by Rhonda Huisman and Merinda Kaye Hensley
  • Shaping the Campus Conversation, Part Two, by Ephraim Schechter
  • Assessing Rater Agreement by David Eubanks
  • Q&A with Joseph Hoey
Fall 2015
  •  From the Editor
  •  Assessing Empathy through Historical Role-Playing Games by Tamara Venit Shelton, Jonathan Hanna, and Daniela Blei
  • Shaping the Campus Conversation, Part One, by Ephraim Schechter
  •  Teaching to the Test: Is it Really so Bad? by Catherine Wehlburg
  •  Q&A with Norbert Elliot
Summer 2015
  • News from AALHE by Catherine Wehlburg, AALHE President Elect
  • Understanding the Impact of Undergraduate Summer Research by Laura Palucki Blake and Karl A. Haushalter
  • Stay Connected with AALHE
  • Co-Curricular Programs by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet by Jeremy Penn
  • Q&A with Marilee Bresciani Ludvik
Winter 2015
  • AALHE News
    • Update from the AALHE Board by Eric Riedel, AALHE President
    • AALHE 2015 Conference News by Tara Rose, President-Elect and Chair of the Conference & Events Committee
  • Facilitation Skills: A Key to Successful Program Assessment by Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • What the Degree Qualifications Profile IS – and What it ISN’T: Upcoming Webinar by Paul Gaston
  • Assessing the Assessment of Assessment by David Onder
  • Converting to Faculty-Driven Management of Assessment by Josie Welsh
  • Q&A with Trudy Banta
Fall 2014
  • AALHE News
    • Website Redesign by Tara Rose, AALHE President-Elect
    • Taking Action to Improve Student Learning: 2015 Conference
    • Twitter Conversations
  • Assessment Drama by David Eubanks
  • The Mobile Survey Lab by Marc E. Gillespie, Carla D. Hernandez, S. William Zito, Gina M. LaPan-Dennis, Anthony C. Marziliano. Photo: Laura Gianni-Augusto
  • Student Involvement in Data Gathering by Mark Salisbury
  • Q&A with Michael Johnson
Summer 2014
  • Letter from the President
  • New Board members
  • Conference Feedback
  • Membership Survey Results
  • Making a Commitment to Quality by Donna L. Sundre
  • Addressing Disruptions in the Assessment of Quality Learning by Pamela Tate
  • Q&A with Linda Suskie
Spring 2014
  • Letter from the President
  • Building the Science of Learning Assessment: Strengthening Individuals, Programs, Institutions, and Communities: Upcoming Webinar by David Dirlam
  • Summary vs. Abstraction by David Eubanks
  • Student Focus Groups and General Education Assessment by Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • Interview with Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • AALHE 2014 Conference Schedule of Events
  • Get Involved
Winter 2014
  • Call for Proposals
  • What’s the Problem? by David Dirlam
  • Introduction: 2014 AALHE Leadership by Marsha Watson, AALHE Past-President
  • The Three Effectiveness Questions by David Eubanks
  • Get Involved
Fall 2013
  • A Successful Conference by Shari L. Jorissen
  • Get Involved
  • Meet the Board
Spring 2013
  • Why We Are Here . . . by Robert Munhenk, AALHE Past-President
  • About our members . . . by Shari L. Jorissen
  • AALHE Third Annual Assessment Conference

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