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The Intersection is the AALHE’s quarterly publication. It features events and news within the Organization and short articles and interviews on the practice of assessment in higher education.



Fall 2017

  • President’s Letter by Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • Note from the Issue Editor by Gray Scott
  • A Guide for the Perplexed by David Eubanks
  • Beyond the Theatre of Compliance? by Madeline Murphy
  • The Crucial Role of Faculty Development in Promoting Quality Assessment Practices by Glenn Waterbury, Madison Holzman, Beth Perkins, And Allison Ames
  • The Journey of Improvement: How an Institution Enhanced the Quality of Their Assessment Process by Michelle Rogers
  • Assessing in The Red: How to Keep Quality-Of-Assessment Prospering by Yen M. To & Kipton D. Smilie
  • Using Factor Analysis to Test a Measure of Student Metacognitive Ability Related to Critical Thinking and Intellectual Humility by Jeff Roberts, David E. Wright, And Glenn M. Sanford
  • How Do Pros At Large, Decentralized Institutions Manage Outcomes Data? by Josie Welsh, Interviewer     
  • Interview with David Chase, Associate Vice President - Educational Programming, Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association for Schools and Colleges by Jonathan Keiser, Interviewer

Summer 2017

  • President’s Letter by Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • Note from The Editor-in-Chief by Jane Marie Souza
  • Awareness and Strategy Necessary for Technology Success by Joseph D. Levy
  • Using Dashboard Technology to Close the Assessment Loop by Sara Reinhardt, Catherine Sturm and Noelle Pease
  • Creating an Assessment Tool: Starting with the Why by Gloria Shenoy
  • Collecting Outcomes Data using Pre-existing In-class Assessments and Resources          
    by John F. Dawson
  • Using Google Apps to Manage Assessment by Katherine Cermak and Shirley Lin
  • Data Collection for Outcomes Assessment through the Learning Management System       
    by Karen DiGiacomo
  • Technology and Assessment:  A Focused Comparison of Three University Business Schools and their use of Technology in the Assessment Process by Jennifer Flanagan, Mary Anne Doty, and Courtney Kernek
  • Mapping the Curriculum: A Low-tech Model for Synthesizing Assessments and Improving Learning at Multiple Levels by Jennifer M. Harrison & Vickie William
  • T Maximizing Existing Technologies for Cross-Disciplinary General Education Assessment by Lisa M. Snyder and Kelly McVeigh Stanley
  • An interview with Dr. Leah Matthews, Executive Director, Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) by Interview by Margareta Smith Knopik

Spring 2017

  • President’s Letter by Catherine Wehlburg
  • Note from The Editor by Josie Welsh
  • Using the Topic Model for a 30 Second Elevator Speech about AALHE by Christine Robinson and Mingwei Qiang
  • Quantitative is Useful, but Qualitative is Meaningful: Meaningful Assessment Measures in an Art Program by Frank A. Pishkur and John D.Hogue
  • Being a Guide on the Side: Program-level Assessments in Kinesiology by Sheri L. Beeler and John D. Hogue
  • A Capstone Experience for Sustainable Assessment in Science: Biochemistry          
    by Walter A.  Patton and Megan F. Potteiger
  • Interview Questions with Sean McKitrick, Vice President, Middle States Commission on Higher Education by Jane Marie Souza

Winter 2017

  • President’s Letter by Catherine Wehlburg
  • Note from The Editor by Jane Marie Souza
  • Calibration: Are you seeing what I’m seeing? by Erin A. Crisp
  • Using the Inquiry Process to Promote Faculty Engagement in Assessment by Elizabeth E. Smith
  • Faculty Perspectives on Assessment by Lee Ann Smith
  • Talking Ourselves into It: Faculty Perspectives of Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Assessment, Learning, and Equity by Lillian E. Marrujo-Duck
  • How Faculty Experience with Assessment Relates to Views,
  • Values, and Practice by Matthew Gulliford, Lauren O’Brien, Michelle Curtis, and Courtney
  • Peagler
  • Faculty Engagement in Accreditation by Andrew B. Wolf
  • Interview Questions with Dr. Pat O'Brien by Debra Leahy

Fall 2016

  • Assessment Measures by Catherine Wehlburg and David Eubanks
  • Program-Level Assessment of the Physics Major by Peter P. Ohotnicky
  • What Influences Faculty to Assign Writing? by Shelly Stovall, Lindsay M. Ruckel, David Trafimow, and Yogesh J. Raut
  • Minimally Invasive Assessment by Jim Woehrle, David Kammler, and Hannah Spirrison
  • Reflective Writing and the Research Process by Larissa Gordon
  • Q&A with Mary Ellen Petrisko by Monica Stitt-Bergh
Summer 2016
  • President’s Letter
  • It Takes a Campus by Jodie B. Ullman and Andrew R. Bodman
  • Utilizing Technology in Data Collection by Derek C. Sauder, Kelly J. Foelber, Jessica N. Jacovidis, Dena A. Pastor
  • Transparency through Real-Time Data by Stacy L. Sculthorp, Laurie Hinze, and Karen M. Mattison
  • Exit Surveys for Course Improvement by Benjamin M. Drury
  • Assessment, a Mouse, and a Cookie by Nicole Lesher
  • Negotiating Flexibility and Structure by Laura Ariovich, Zornitsa Georgieva, and Sadé A. Walker
  • Q&A with Barbara Johnson by Josie Welsh
Spring 2016
  • Practical Assessment
  • Announcing AALHE/Taskstream Partnership
  • Faculty Learning Communities by Jeanne Mullaney
  • Reporting Realities by Gray Scott
  • Not My Bunnies and Not My Hat by Hazard, Jacovidis, Clarke & Horst
  • The Assessment Diaries by Lisa Wiehle
  • Member Q&A
Winter 2016
  • From the Editor
  • Librarians and High-Impact Educational Practices by Rhonda Huisman and Merinda Kaye Hensley
  • Shaping the Campus Conversation, Part Two, by Ephraim Schechter
  • Assessing Rater Agreement by David Eubanks
  • Q&A with Joseph Hoey
Fall 2015
  •  From the Editor
  •  Assessing Empathy through Historical Role-Playing Games by Tamara Venit Shelton, Jonathan Hanna, and Daniela Blei
  • Shaping the Campus Conversation, Part One, by Ephraim Schechter
  •  Teaching to the Test: Is it Really so Bad? by Catherine Wehlburg
  •  Q&A with Norbert Elliot
Summer 2015
  • News from AALHE by Catherine Wehlburg, AALHE President Elect
  • Understanding the Impact of Undergraduate Summer Research by Laura Palucki Blake and Karl A. Haushalter
  • Stay Connected with AALHE
  • Co-Curricular Programs by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet by Jeremy Penn
  • Q&A with Marilee Bresciani Ludvik
Winter 2015
  • AALHE News
    • Update from the AALHE Board by Eric Riedel, AALHE President
    • AALHE 2015 Conference News by Tara Rose, President-Elect and Chair of the Conference & Events Committee
  • Facilitation Skills: A Key to Successful Program Assessment by Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • What the Degree Qualifications Profile IS – and What it ISN’T: Upcoming Webinar by Paul Gaston
  • Assessing the Assessment of Assessment by David Onder
  • Converting to Faculty-Driven Management of Assessment by Josie Welsh
  • Q&A with Trudy Banta
Fall 2014
  • AALHE News
    • Website Redesign by Tara Rose, AALHE President-Elect
    • Taking Action to Improve Student Learning: 2015 Conference
    • Twitter Conversations
  • Assessment Drama by David Eubanks
  • The Mobile Survey Lab by Marc E. Gillespie, Carla D. Hernandez, S. William Zito, Gina M. LaPan-Dennis, Anthony C. Marziliano. Photo: Laura Gianni-Augusto
  • Student Involvement in Data Gathering by Mark Salisbury
  • Q&A with Michael Johnson
Summer 2014
  • Letter from the President
  • New Board members
  • Conference Feedback
  • Membership Survey Results
  • Making a Commitment to Quality by Donna L. Sundre
  • Addressing Disruptions in the Assessment of Quality Learning by Pamela Tate
  • Q&A with Linda Suskie
Spring 2014
  • Letter from the President
  • Building the Science of Learning Assessment: Strengthening Individuals, Programs, Institutions, and Communities: Upcoming Webinar by David Dirlam
  • Summary vs. Abstraction by David Eubanks
  • Student Focus Groups and General Education Assessment by Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • Interview with Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • AALHE 2014 Conference Schedule of Events
  • Get Involved
Winter 2014
  • Call for Proposals
  • What’s the Problem? by David Dirlam
  • Introduction: 2014 AALHE Leadership by Marsha Watson, AALHE Past-President
  • The Three Effectiveness Questions by David Eubanks
  • Get Involved
Fall 2013
  • A Successful Conference by Shari L. Jorissen
  • Get Involved
  • Meet the Board
Spring 2013
  • Why We Are Here . . . by Robert Munhenk, AALHE Past-President
  • About our members . . . by Shari L. Jorissen
  • AALHE Third Annual Assessment Conference

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